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A PDF file including programs of CP, ICAPS and KR is available.


Sunday September 14
8:30-10:00 Doctoral Consortium Grand Lodge, start with coffee at 8:15 in Banquet Hall WS1: Constraint Satisfaction for Planning & Scheduling (Ionic)
WS2: Knowledge Engineering for Planning & Scheduling (Tuscan)
WS4: Multiagent Planning (Lodge 2)
WS6: Oversubscribed Planning & Scheduling (Lodge 3)
coffee break
10:30-12:00 continued
lunch break
13:30-15:00 continued
coffee break
15:30-17:00 continued
Monday September 15
8:30-10:00 TUT1: Abstraction Heuristics for Planning (Grand Lodge)
TUT3: Constraint Processing for Planning and Scheduling (Ionic)
WS3: Scheduling & Planning Applications (Lodge 2)
WS5: Reality Check for Planning & Scheduling under Uncertainty (Lodge 3)
coffee break
10:20-12:20 continued
lunch break
13:10-15:00 TUT2: First-Order Planning Techniques (Grand Lodge)
TUT4: External-Memory Graph Search (Ionic)
coffee break
15:20-17:00 continued continued
17:10-18:25 competitions: learning, deterministic, probabilistic (Ionic)
18:30-20:30 CP-ICAPS-KR Opening Reception (Banquet Hall)
Tuesday September 16
Room: Ionic
Chair: Sylvie Thiébaux

Planning for Modular Printers: Beyond Productivity, Do, Ruml, Zhou

Scheduling Meetings at Trade Events with Complex Preferences, Ernst, Singh, Weiskircher

Decentralized Online Scheduling of Combination-Appointments in Hospitals, Vermeulen, Bohte, Elkhuizen, Bakker, La Poutra

A Probabilistic Planner for the Combat Power Management Problem, Benaskeur, Kabanza, Beaudry, Beaudoin
Room: Lodge 2
Chair: Sven Koenig

Using Classical Planners to Solve Nondeterministic Planning Problems, Kuter, Nau, Reisner, Goldman

Stochastic Enforced Hill-Climbing, Wu, Kalyanam, Givan

Rank-Dependent Probability Weighting in Sequential Decision Problems under Uncertainty, Jeantet, Spanjaard

Generating Robust Schedules Subject to Resource and Duration Uncertainties, Fu, Lau, Xiao
coffee break
Room: Grand Lodge
Chair: Brian Williams

Criticality Metrics for Distributed Plan and Schedule Management, Maheswaran, Szekely

Effective Information Value Calculation for Interruption Management in Multi-Agent Scheduling, Sarne, Grosz, Owotoki

Realizing Multiple Autonomous Agents through Scheduling of Shared Devices, Sardina, De Giacomo

From One to Many: Planning for Loosely Coupled Multi-Agent Systems, Brafman, Domshlak (Distinguished Paper)
Room: Lodge 2
Chair: Eric Hansen

Efficient ADD Operations for Point-Based Algorithms, Shani, Poupart, Brafman, Shimony

Bounded-Parameter Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes, Ni, Liu

Exact Dynamic Programming for Decentralized POMDPs with Lossless Policy Compression, Boularias, Chaib-draa

Multiagent Planning Under Uncertainty with Stochastic Communication Delays, Spaan, Oliehoek, Vlassis
lunch break
13:30-14:30 ICAPS Invited talk: Jeffrey Rosenschein
Room: Grand Lodge
14:30-15:30 ICAPS Community Meeting, including awards and presentation of ICAPS'09
Room: Grand Lodge
Chair: Craig Knoblock
15:30-17:00 ICAPS-CP poster session including ICAPS posters and ICAPS-DC posters and system demonstrations
Room: Banquet Hall
Wednesday September 17
9:00-10:00 ICAPS-CP Invited talk: John Hooker
Room: Grand Lodge
coffee break
Room: Grand Lodge
Chair: Neil Yorke-Smith

P3C: A New Algorithm for the Simple Temporal Problem, Planken, de Weerdt, van der Krogt

Linear Relaxation Techniques for Task Management in Uncertain Settings, Varakantham, Smith

Fast Dynamic Scheduling of Disjunctive Temporal Constraint Networks through Incremental Compilation, Shah, Williams (Best Student Paper)

CircuitTSAT: A Solver for Large Instances of the Disjunctive Temporal Problem, Nelson, Kumar
Room: Lodge 2
Chair: Patrik Haslum

Additive-Disjunctive Heuristics for Optimal Planning, Coles, Fox, Long, Smith

Optimal Additive Composition of Abstraction-based Admissible Heuristics, Katz, Domshlak

Unifying the Causal Graph and Additive Heuristics, Helmert, Geffner

A Hybrid Relaxed Planning Graph-LP Heuristic for Numeric Planning Domains, Coles, Fox, Long, Smith
lunch break
Room: Tuscan
Chair: Carmel Domshlak

Causal Graphs and Structurally Restricted Planning, Chen, Giménez

In Search of the Tractability Boundary of Planning Problems, Giménez, Jonsson

A New Approach to Tractable Planning, Haslum
Room: Grand Lodge
Chair: Chris Beck

Filtering for a Continuous Multi-Resources cumulative Constraint with Resource Consumption and Production, Poder, Beldiceanu

Using Constraint Networks on Timelines to Model and Solve Planning and Scheduling Problems, Pralet, Verfaillie

A New Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Setup Times, González, Vela, Varela

A New Local Search for the Job Shop Problem with Uncertain Durations, González-Rodríguez, Vela, Puente, Varela
Room: Lodge 2
Chair: Richard W. Dearden

Learning Heuristic Functions through Approximate Linear Programming, Petrik, Zilberstein

Learning Relational Decision Trees for Guiding Heuristic Planning, de la Rosa, Jiménez, Borrajo

An Online Learning Method for Improving Over-Subscription Planning, Yoon, Benton, Kambhampati

What Makes Planners Predictable?, Roberts, Howe, Wilson, desJardins
14:37-15:00 ICAPS Dissertation Award talk: Matt Streeter, Using Online Algorithms to Solve NP-Hard Problems More Efficiently in Practice
coffee break
15:30-17:00 Festivus
Room: Grand Lodge
Chair: Rao Kambhampati
17:45- Conference Dinner on MV Sydney 2000 with boarding at Jetty 8 & 9 of King Street Wharf. See map.
Thursday September 18
9:00-10:00 ICAPS-KR invited talk: Ronen Brafman
Room: Grand Lodge
coffee break
10:30-12:00 ICAPS-KR (KR papers)
Room: Grand Lodge
Chair: Gerhard Lakemeyer

On the Complexity of Planning Operator Subsumption, Eyerich, Brenner, Nebel

Deductive Planning with Inductive Loops, Magnusson, Doherty

Planning Graphs and Propositional Clause-Learning, Rintanen

Proving Goal Achievability, Lin
Room: Corinthian
Chair: David E. Smith

HiPPo: Hierarchical POMDPs for Planning Information Processing and Sensing Actions on a Robot, Sridharan, Wyatt, Dearden (Distinguished Paper)

Planning 3D Task Demonstrations of a Teleoperated Space Robot Arm, Kabanza, Belghith, Bellefeuille, Auder, Hartman

Generative Planning for Hybrid Systems Based on Flow Tubes, Li, Williams

Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Scheduling the James Webb Space Telescope, Giuliano, Johnston
lunch break
13:30-15:00 ICAPS-KR (ICAPS papers)
Room: Grand Lodge
Chair: Fahiem Bacchus

A Temporal Logic-Based Planning and Execution Monitoring System, Kvarnström, Heintz, Doherty

The Complexity of Optimal Planning and a More Efficient Method for Finding Solutions, Ray, Ginsberg

A Compact and Efficient SAT Encoding for Planning, Robinson, Gretton, Pham, Sattar

Stochastic Planning with First Order Decision Diagrams, Joshi, Khardon
Room: Corinthian
Chair: Rong Zhou

Faster than Weighted A*: An Optimistic Approach to Bounded Suboptimal Search, Thayer, Ruml

Fast Planning for Dynamic Preferences, Ziebart, Dey, Bagnell

Angelic Hierarchical Planning: Optimal and Online Algorithms, Marthi, Russell, Wolfe

Fast and Memory-Efficient Multi-Agent Pathfinding, Wang, Botea
coffee break
15:30-17:00 ICAPS-KR (KR papers)
Room: Grand Lodge
Chair: Michael Thielscher

A Logic for Non-Terminating Golog Programs, Classen, Lakemeyer

ConGolog, Sin Trans: Compiling ConGolog into Basic Actions Theories for Planning and Beyond, Fritz, Baier, McIlraith

On the Relative Expressiveness of ADL and Golog: The Last Piece in the Puzzle, Röger, Helmert, Nebel

Behavior Composition in the Presence of Failure, Sardina, Patrizi, De Giacomo
Room: Corinthian
Chair: Wheeler Ruml

A New Probabilistic Plan Recognition Algorithm Based on String Rewriting, Geib, Maraist, Goldman

Useless Actions Are Useful, Wehrle, Kupferschmid, Podelski

Structural Patterns Heuristics via Fork Decomposition, Katz, Domshlak

The Compression Power of Symbolic Pattern Databases, Ball, Holte

Room Locations

Ground Floor: Doric, Corinthian, Ionic, Tuscan
First Floor: Grand Lodge, Banquet Hall
Third Floor: Lodge 2, Lodge 3, Lodge 4, Ante Room 2, Carrington
Fifth Floor: Carruthers, Remington